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We offer images of wildlife, scenic and natural subjects as seen through the eyes of Jim Bechtel. Today we offer images in two mediums.....fine art photographs and archival fine art inkjet prints. The images are never produced in both mediums.

The photographic images are offered in various sizes depending upon the the nature of the image. We provide primarily natural subject matter consisting of intimate and unique wildlife, flora, fauna and scenic imagery. All matting along with custom framing requirements are done by us in our gallery shop.

We also offer a small quantity of images as fine notecards. We select unique moments in time of a natural subjects and manually afix them to our custom textured card stock. The interior of the card provides the space for that special message that you would like to share with family, friends and loved ones.

The small portfolio of ink jet images are specifically selected for this process and are intended to provide a more painterly look of natural subject matter. All prints are printed on fine art watercolor paper with archival inks and coated with a protective UV coating upon completion. The archival characteristics of the materials we use are rated at 75 years. This outperforms many of the photographic processes presently in use today. We spend a great deal of effort to insure these are truly special images so please check them out and contact us with any questions you may have.

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