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What's New at Natural Graphics

Well to start with our new business name of "Natural Graphics". This change came into effect in June of "98" after moving from Michigan to Montana. We thought long and hard on this one and decided that "Bechtel Photography" just wasn't appropriate for all the new things we were going to have going on in our future.

Our newest products that are in the process of being added now are fine art ink jet prints. These are very similar to the fine art Giclée prints presently available. The primary difference is that we are printing them using high end industrial 1440 DPI inkjet printers in our gallery / workshop. We have developed processes to use archival inks with these printers. We are printing on archival watercolor papers and are truly pleased with the results. Our goal with this new effort is to provide a product that while it is developed from a photograph actually offers a more traditional painterly look that would appeal to those not comfortable with the photography medium.

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